Ways to get pregnant

Will This 9 Tips Increase the Chances to Get Pregnant?

Will This 9 Tips Increase the Chances to Get Pregnant?

Do you want to get pregnant, but never had a chance to get it? Relax, here are some very nice tips to increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Although it appears the opposite, staying pregnant is not so easy for many women. In fact, the chances of fertilizing an egg during the menstrual cycle are about 20%.

Fertility decreases as we get older, women who want to become mothers after thirty. We are not less fertile than our fathers and mothers. But our pace of life, very different, does influence our chances of becoming pregnant.

Be patient

Even a year of trying without results is considered normal in medical terms. So be patient and take time. Don’t force things and get nothing.

Get lots of love

This is one of the best medicine. Of course, having sex frequently increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Stop strict regimes

Women undergoing hypocaloric regimes suffer hormonal changes that reduce their fertility. So do not just put on a diet when you want to get pregnant.

Eat well

Skip meals or much sugar is not good for your health or to your fertility. The increase in blood sugar causes an increase in the production of adrenaline, a hormone that makes the action of progesterone to prepare the uterus for a possible pregnancy. Avoid the bad dieting and trying to stabilize your weight.

Put your cool kid

This is not to get into the fridge but it is put long pants, especially cotton. The fashion for tight pants and underpants is a warming and a lack of aeration of the genital area that affects the quality of sperm.

Choose a good season

Fertility varies throughout the year. Sperm are higher at the start of the spring and late autumn, when their mobility is also higher. Thus, the best time to get down to work is the beginning of winter. Seize the cold to stay close together and scrambled eggs at home!

Attention to medicines

Certain anti-inflammatory drugs may alter the behavior of the female hormones, so it should not be taken. As if you had stayed longer pregnant, always read the package ingredient for everything you take.

Stop smoking and drinks less

During pregnancy is harmful to the fetus and before, reduces fertility. This recommendation also applies to your partner. Alcohol has proven effects on fertility and is very dangerous to the fetus.

Control the coffee

Excessive consumption of coffee reduces the chances of becoming pregnant, as caffeine attacks your procreative power.

There you go. 9 tips which can help you on your effort to have a child. Want more proven tips and METHOD that you can follow?

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