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The Best Advice for Natural Childbirth

The Best Advice for Natural Childbirth

Hearing the birth of many children, mothers are afraid because they have to go through severe cramps. To help the process of giving birth easier, less painful, please invite the mother to follow the following article to grasp some tips to help mothers often faster.

I. What is labor?

Labor is when the fetus and vaginal parts are removed from the uterus vaginally. Full term labor is when the fetus reaches 38 weeks and lasts until the end of week 42.

Mothers often give birth in comparison with the longer labor time from 10-12 hours, the second and longer delivery time is shorter from 6-7 hours.

When the mother started labor, the pain continued more than every 10-15 minutes as pain. It hurts and many moms have to bite their hands and hold their husband’s hair to ease the pain.

By the time she was about to go to the delivery table, she was now in pain and could not walk or talk anymore, many mothers relieved their pain by shouting loudly and violently.

II. Some tips to help mothers give birth often faster

Doctors often advise mothers to give birth often if nothing is abnormal, because a caesarean section will help the mother to be stronger, recover faster and have a better source of milk for breastfeeding. Here are some tips to help mothers give birth quickly and pain:

1. Hard exercise

Pregnancy is heavy and feels tired and many mothers do not want to walk or do anything. However, you should remember that regular movement will help mothers give birth easier and faster.

Some exercises, to make it easier for you during labor.

Walking: Pregnant women should take time to walk every morning to wake up and the evening before going to bed. Walking is a great thing for pregnant women so moms should buy yourself a pair of thick to walk regularly when pregnant offline.

Swimming: A sport that helps pregnant women give birth gently

Doing exercises that help tone your thigh muscles and kegel exercises will make it easier to give birth.

2. Limit stress

In order for the childbirth to take place on the right date and give birth easily, gently, the mothers should create for themselves a psychological comfort, not too stressful. Avoid getting angry or upset when pregnant.

3. Breathe properly

The mother wants to give birth often quickly, reduce the pain, then train yourself to a habit of deep breathing, should learn how to breathe help pregnant women more comfortable giving birth.

4. Diet

To ease the birth of the mother should have a reasonable diet. When the time of labor should eat more spicy foods, eat some dishes to help mothers give birth faster: 

  • Eat black sesame tea cooked with cassava flour in the last month of pregnancy.
  • 1 week before the due date, mothers should actively eat boiled sweet potatoes.
  • About 1 month to the time of labor, eat lots of eggplant.
  • When signs of labor in the mother should drink hot coconut water or perilla leaf water.

5. Don’t know, don’t hear, don’t see

During pregnancy, especially when it is almost time for labor, mothers should not participate in conversations about labor like this and that.

If you miss going to the hospital to see pregnant women in labor, turn a blind eye and watch as you see nothing to have a more comfortable mentality.

6. Take a warm bath

Warm baths help pregnant women feel more comfortable and comfortable. When it’s time to go into labor, soaking in warm water will help pregnant women reduce pain during labor. 

The mother noted not to bathe too when the water is too hot because it can harm the fetus. If the amniotic fluid has rupture, do not soak in hot water.

7. Massage

Massage will help mothers easier to give birth and moms should regularly massage according to the massage exercises for pregnant women and should be done when the pregnancy enters the 7th month.

8. Do yoga

You should join yoga classes because this will help mothers have a supple and strong, helping mothers give birth more easily.

9. Drink plenty of water

Water is essential for you during pregnancy, and for mothers who want to give birth easily and conveniently, drink lots of water.

10. Need the support of doctors and experienced people

In order to feel comfortable and comfortable when going into labor, mothers should research carefully before specialized doctors so that they can choose a person who feels comfortable to support their babies.

Also learn from the experience of those who went before to know how to push and reduce pain during childbirth.

Thus, the above is a combination of some tips to help the process of delivery usually take place more quickly and smoothly. The application of this method will help pregnant women do not have to worry when the time to delivery. I wish you good health

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