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Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Surely every pregnant mother knows that exercising during pregnancy brings a lot of benefits. But this can also put you and your baby at risk if you do inappropriate exercises or exercise at an insecure pace safe.

Also because of this risk, many mothers are still afraid to dare to exercise during pregnancy. So, in today’s article, we would like to send mom information about safe exercise during pregnancy.

Hopefully the information in this article will be helpful for moms in choosing exercises and safe exercise in pregnancy!

Great benefits of exercising with pregnant mothers

The greatest benefit of exercising during pregnancy is to help the mother improve her health and manage her weight better during pregnancy . Besides, if she exercised properly, her morning sickness and her mental symptoms would be greatly improved.

Before doing the exercises during pregnancy, the mother should consult with her doctor to monitor her pregnancy because the health status of each mother is different. The exercise that this mother can do is not sure safe for other moms.

13 rules for safe exercise during pregnancy

The health of the pregnant mother during pregnancy can change with each pregnancy. So every woman needs to pay attention to different things to ensure the health and safety of mother and child in all activities. The same goes for exercise during pregnancy.

If the mother has exercised any exercise or type of exercise before, she can still maintain the same exercise before pregnancy depending on the state of her pregnancy and with the consent of the doctor specialist.

For a mother who just started exercising during the first 3 months of pregnancy. She should do gentle exercises and do about 10 minutes a day before increasing the time to practice rather than trying to do more right from the first days.

Some of the gentle exercises for pregnant women that you can refer to are walking, pilates or yoga for pregnant women.

One of the notes when practicing yoga for pregnant women or pilates for mothers during pregnancy is to practice only with the guidance of a professional trainer or specialist, not alone.

The best exercise for pregnancy

Exercises to keep pregnant women not only work to help mothers control weight and easily regain postpartum postpartum, but also helps the blood vessels in the body of the pregnant woman better circulation, increase flexibility and the strength of the joints so that the mother can go through labor more easily.

The exercises for pregnant women in the first 3 months that mom can refer to are gentle exercises such as walking, climbing stairs slowly or simple yoga movements.

She can then increase the intensity of her exercise for the third trimester, for example from walking to running, from simple yoga exercises to full-body yoga. .

Mom can also swim gently in the pool with clean, safe water.

When exercising exercise for pregnant women in the last 3 months, mothers should pay attention to the intensity and duration of the exercise because at this time, the pregnant belly is relatively big and the health of the mother is more sensitive than the previous two periods.

Mom should practice the exercises well, do not pressure yourself on the exercise.

Moment should not exercise

Exercise regimen for pregnant women will vary depending on the health status of the pregnant mother, the development of the fetus and each stage of pregnancy.

This means that not all mothers will have the same exercise regime, but there are some common things that mothers should keep in mind when exercising during pregnancy.

So how should pregnant women exercise?

Some common notes that any pregnant mother during exercise should remember that it is done with intensity from light to heavy, avoid the impact or pressure on the abdomen, stop exercising when feeling fatigue, shortness of breath and adequate water intake during exercise.

Untimely exercise during pregnancy is also a risk factor for both mother and baby.

Signs of exercise hazards during pregnancy

Most of the health problems of pregnancy can be early warned by some signs of the body.

Especially if these signs appear while mom is exercising, she should stop exercising and consider reducing the intensity or changing the exercise to be more suitable to her health.

The most common sign of motherhood is dizziness, dizziness due to the mother’s body not receiving enough oxygen or the blood vessels not circulating well when she exercises. At this time, Mom should rest, sit on a flat surface and take deep, slow breaths until the dizziness is gone.

If she feels nauseous during exercise, it’s likely that her blood pressure or blood sugar levels are dropping below normal.

Mom should stop exercising and sit down to rest for a while, she can also sip some hot ginger tea to ease the feeling of nausea.

These are just some of the common warning signs that pregnant women may experience during exercise during pregnancy.

Should pregnant women swim and exercise underwater?

Swimming is a sport considered to be ideal for pregnant women because the swimming action will help impact on a lot of muscles in the body, helping the mother more supple.

The water environment also supports the body very well, helping mothers feel lighter when the body weight is increasing.

However, not every pool can become a pool for pregnant women because the quality of water in the pool, especially the chloroform concentration in water can affect the health of mother and child.

Therefore, moms should choose a pool with safe water sources, regularly cleaned, filtered clean.

People often say the first 3 months should be taken care of, so should the first 3 months of pregnancy go swimming?

Pregnant women can swim at any stage of pregnancy if their physical and physical conditions allow. In the first 3 months, the pregnancy is not large, so she can swim more comfortably later.

As for the type of swim, pregnant women should swim what is best?

Two types of swimming are thought to be best for mothers during pregnancy: back and swimming. These types of swimming do not require the mother to rotate continuously like swimming stride and help her spine be better supported water.

When choosing swimsuits for pregnant women, moms should choose simple swimwear, avoid cumbersome details that can increase the resistance of the water, which makes the mother entangled and difficult to swim.

Attachments should also be limited because they can rub against the skin and hurt the mother.

What are the benefits of walking during pregnancy?

The effect of walking when pregnant is not only simple for mothers to exercise, release excess energy but also a good exercise for the heart, help mothers sleep better and reduce constipation. which mom often met in pregnancy.

Walking is considered the easiest and safest exercise for pregnant women, this is also an ideal exercise for mothers who have just started exercising in pregnancy. However, not everyone can walk and always walk well.

Should a new pregnant woman walk a lot? If the mother has never had a habit of walking before, she should not walk much during the first day of the pregnancy, but should start walking about 10-15 minutes / day and walk about 3 days / week. Then gradually increase the time and the number of walking days in the week.

But does walking a lot affect pregnancy?

Not just walking, but if you exercise too much, you can adversely affect the health of both mother and child. Therefore, the mother should balance the time and intensity in accordance with her health.

There should jog while pregnant?

If walking is a form of exercise for pregnant women at the beginning of the exercise, jogging requires more and more experience, so moms should only consider running when pregnant if She used to practice before and allowed health.

For mothers who are showing signs of threatening to miscarry , running and jumping during pregnancy is absolutely something that moms should avoid because this action can affect the lower abdomen and may be the cause of a premature birth or miscarriage. .

So what about the other cases when the pregnant mother runs okay?

To be safe, mom should only jog while pregnant if she has ever exercised before and with a doctor’s appointment, when exercising, mom should not practice alone but should practice with the instructor who has experience.

Exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles for pregnant mothers

Many moms may find it strange to know that pelvic floor exercises for pregnant women but these are exercises that are popular with many women around the world because they bring so many benefits to moms. vote.

Pelvic floor muscle is located in the lower abdomen and is responsible for supporting the bladder, intestines and uterus of the mother. Doing exercises for pelvic floor muscles will help this area more flexible, helping mothers limit urination, leakage and birth often more favorable.

This is also a good exercise for the uterus because when the strength of the pelvic floor muscles is strengthened. The uterus of the mother is also better supported. The mother will have a gentle feeling and avoid the phenomenon of early belly drop when pregnant.

Mothers can do kegel pelvic floor exercises for pregnant women by squeezing and lifting their pelvic floor muscles in the same way as they are holding urine. Try to stay in this position and breathe normally for about 10 seconds, then relax for a few seconds and then repeat the same.

Pilates exercise for pregnant mothers

What is Pilates? Pilates is a series of exercises that help improve health and strength for muscle groups, especially abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles. So these are considered very good exercises for pregnant women.

Pilates movements are described almost like yoga exercises, but the biggest difference between the two methods is that pilates do not require as much spiritual as yoga.

Just like yoga, moms should practice pilates for beginners under the guidance of experienced teachers and experts rather than studying and performing at home to avoid making mistakes when practicing. like to ensure safety for both mother and child.

Exercises help ease pain and labor easily

Not all pregnant women have enough health to practice exercise to help the body flexible and healthy for easier labor. And fortunately, there are still exercises that do not require too much strength and can still support, helping the mother’s labor process become more gentle.

The first homogenous exercise that moms should do is kegel. This is an exercise that trains the strength and strength of your pelvic floor muscles so you can “push” your baby out more easily. You can do this exercise anytime (unless you’re having a urine) and anywhere, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

About the pelvic exercises to help the baby out more easily, you can try squat training by doing the posture like sitting on a chair with your legs wider than your hips, tightening your abs and lifting. breasts as long as possible, as long as the mother is comfortable.

Then take a deep breath and return to your normal upright state.

There is also a way to reduce back pain during labor that can be practiced right from the beginning of pregnancy, which is the pelvic tilt or back strain. These are all simple movements, not too much effort that mom can practice at home.

During labor, moms can use some methods to make the cervix open faster such as squatting, sitting on the birth ball, walking or climbing stairs gently or doing any activities if she is physically fit.

How to start practicing yoga during pregnancy?

If you are still wondering whether or not to prepare for pregnancy, put aside your concerns and start practicing right away as this is a great exercise to improve your health and support. successful conception effectively.

Pregnancy is also a good time for mom to practice yoga, so if you have never done yoga before, don’t worry too much because you can start practicing the exercises at this stage.

The ideal time to do yoga for pregnant women is after the second trimester, around the 14th week. Now that the mother has gone through the most sensitive first 3 months of pregnancy, she can safely try to start. Practice yoga with a professional instructor or instructor.

A safe yoga space for moms is yoga classes for pregnant women. These classes often have a curriculum designed specifically for the health of pregnant women and each class will have one or a few experienced instructors instruct mom to vote yoga properly and safely .

The effect of yoga during pregnancy is to help improve the health, uplift and soothe the emotions of the pregnant mother because each yoga session includes not only physical exercises but also meditation time. to make mom feel relaxed and refreshed after practicing.

Yoga deep relaxation for pregnant mothers

Yoga instructors often discourage yoga for pregnant women in the first 3 months. Especially mothers who have never practiced yoga before.

Instead of doing yoga, you can refer to some other exercises for pregnant women in the first 3 months if she has no health problems during pregnancy and with the consent of a specialist.

Mothers should start yoga after the first trimester. Around the 14th week and can continue to follow the instructor’s instructions until the end of the last trimester, even if the pregnancy is large. Yoga movements suitable for mother to practice.

The yoga exercises for pregnant women in the last 3 months are usually simple ones that help mom reduce fatigue and practice flexibility of joints to help mom can labor easier.

So when should pregnant women practice yoga? Mothers can practice at any time of the day but should avoid practicing when they are full. Each session will last about 30-60 minutes, so moms should choose the most spare time of the day to practice yoga.

The role of meditation in yoga for pregnant women

Meditation is an integral part of yoga for pregnant women in particular and yoga for all other subjects in general. Meditation exercises in yoga will help the person to focus on the mind and feel the connection between body and soul.

When practicing the exercises for pregnant women, mothers can feel the baby in the abdomen, reduce the feeling of stress and become calm, comfortable as well as better mental stability during pregnancy.

Mental strength can also be of great help to the mother during labor in the future.

But can pregnant women sit cross-legged for too long while doing the meditation exercise?

Sitting with your legs crossed for too long can cause you to get cramping or numbness in your legs due to poor circulation of your legs. So you can talk to your instructor first to agree on a time for meditation or exchange. Other meditation postures are more comfortable.

Many pregnant women said that reciting Buddha’s name during pregnancy and going to pagoda regularly also helped her soul become more comfortable and relaxed.

How to breathe for pregnant women in yoga

The best yoga breathing exercises for pregnant women are the deep breathing exercises. This exercise is often mistaken for strong breathing even though they are two different ways of breathing and the effect is not the same.

When practicing deep breathing, pregnant women will slowly breathe deeply and exhale slowly. This way of breathing helps blood circulation, enhances oxygen exchange and helps mom relax, reduce stress very effectively.

This breathing technique can also help with breathing during labor because when she takes a deep breath. She will calm down and temporarily forget the pain. Deep breathing also helps mothers have more strength to “push” the baby out faster.

To pregnancy is a happy time for the pregnant mother

Scientists show that, in addition to providing enough nutrients for pregnant women to be healthy. Children love to develop physically, weight and brain well in pregnancy. Parents should practice pregnancy for children to mothers pregnant enjoy the most wonderful pregnancy experience as well as optimizing brain development and awakening the senses of the baby flourish.

Pregnancy is also an opportunity for the husband to show his love for the pregnant mother and her child so that the family affection can be more attached. Therefore,  fathers practice wives to practice pregnancy for their beloved children  every day so that the wives feel loved and cared for!

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